The World’s First Rewarding Dating App for Colorful People
Palette is the world’s 1st rewarding social dating app. We arrange & support every encounter for all. We aim for safe and heartfelt dating system for users. Palette is the platform to show each users’ charming points not limited to appearance.

Unique Value Proposition

Preference Analysis & Discovery

We provide questionnaire for users to figure out their styles and preferences and we divide them into groups and each group will have representative color. Based on these categorization, We will recommend 10 profiles to users everyday.


Users can get points simply by having a conversation with others. To start a conversation, users need to send ‘like’ and the users who got ’like’ have to accept the offer. A variety of missions and functions for the meeting also available, such as selecting a place or setting a time to meet in a chat room, are designed to enable users to communicate and meet more naturally.

Offline Meetup

Yes, users can get points by having conversations. However, users can get way bigger points if they meet in real-world. By sending proof of 2 users have met with GPS information and using Inaudible Sound Transmission technology, users will make our community bigger and healthier together.

How it works

Based on preference analysis, our AI recommends profiles, great date spots and conversation topics to help users to chat & meet. Users can earn points by sending messages, offline meetup, and carrying out missions. We adopted Inaudible Sound Transmission technology to send the information of dating to the system. These acquired points are available for additional services within the app and for affiliate services for offline dating.


  • Q1

    Set up Asia-pacific HQ in Singapore Complete Development

  • Q2

    Service Launching in Singapore

  • Q3

    Advertising & Marketing

  • Q4

    Service expanding to Asian Countries

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